Friday, July 2, 2010

Another epic day

So we left Fairbanks and rolled into Denali National Park where I got to see the biggest mountains I've ever come across. Unfortunately Mt. McKinley was in a cloud so we didn't get to really see it.

We drove into the park as far as you can go, to the Savage River trail head. After hiking in a ways looking for the stream we found out about from a guy at the visitor's center, we stopped for some photos. Unfortunately, Jeff mistook a pile of loose shale for a solid step and did a somersault down the hillside. To his credit, he ended the fall by digging his hand (holding an Alaskan Brewing Amber beer) into the ground like an ice axe.

This sorta ended our hike as Jeff had to add several bandages to his hand. But on the way out, a park ranger pointed us to the stream that had seen good fishing. Ever the trooper, Jeff led the way to the stream, where I managed to snag my second fish ever (thanks again for the poles Christian! Rapala wins again. And I, uh, owe you one lure, so far). It was a little grayling, but who cares, I was having a great time.

We left and after an amazing drive south through the mountains (finally getting to see what I imagined Alaska looking like) we set up camp at Trapper Creek. Then we left for a 60 mile round trip to Talkeetna for dinner at the West Rib Cafe and Pub. We hadn't eaten lunch so Jeff's salmon sandwich and my bacon cheeseburger went quick (seriously one of the best burgers I've ever had. If you ever come here splurge and get the "fat ass sauce" which is sour cream, minced bacon and jalapeƱo, and secret spices).

As we finished up, a guy came over to ask me if my 24 Hours of Lemons t-shirt was a random purchase or if I actually raced. This turned into a half-hour discussion about our Lemons team and how he and the president of his Alaskan car race club want to adopt the Lemons rules for an Alaska series. Really a great day all around.

So back to camp now. We are heading to Wasilla tomorrow to see the view of Russia and then finally get to Anchorage!

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  1. Prickstine representing in the Arctic Circle!